Cafe World Slingo 30 Medals For 50% Lightning Stove and Quest Buster Spices

By | March 25, 2012

Zynga new game promotion is here : Slingo on facebook ! other Zynga games are offering an incentive reward if you start playing Slingo.

And for cafe world if you play Slingo and earn 30 medals to receive a 50% lightning stove and 6 Quest Buster Spices.

Click the clown icon on the right side of your cafe world screen and “play now”
If you participated in this promotion, and got 30 medals in Slingo, then you should automatically get the rewards when you log back into your game. You should check your inventory to verify that you received the rewards.

However, if you do not receive them, then you should contact the Zynga Customer Support team for the game in which the rewards will be given.