Cafe World Souvenirs

By | July 6, 2012

The cafe world souvenirs is still coming soon, but thanks to Pretty pinay we can get an early access and complete it 🙂

collect souvenirs with lisa, joe and baby chai !

you can open the cookbook and look for huli huli chicken dish, mochiko chicken or spam musubi
to find huli huli chicken faster : sort by name (a-z) page 61
complete souvenirs tasks – click unlock to see the task 😀

help lisa, joe and baby chai collect souvenirs by asking your friends for these parts :
License Plate
Snow Globe

souvenirs materials :

each time you complete a stage you earn rewards ! finish all 10 stages to earn spices, dishes and a 6x mega stove !
stage 1 : 2 six hour thyme
stage 2 : 3 six hour thyme
stage 3 : mochiko chicken recipe
stage 4 : 2 mastery mint
stage 5 : 6 six hour thyme
stage 6 : spam musubi recipe
stage 7 : 2 instant thyme
stage 8 : 2 quest buster thyme
stage 9 : huli huli chicken
stage 10 : grass skirt 6x mega stove

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