Cafe World Special Lessons Catering Order

By | January 30, 2013

Earn new prizes like decoration and recipes by getting 3 star rewards on cafe world special lessons catering order !

3 stories :
1. grandma’s got come campaign techniques for her little campers
2. how do you knit a sweater ? grandma’s starting a lesson right now
3. grandma’s baking her favorite cookies and teaching kids how to

cater special lessons missions :

grandma camp catering order
serve lamb and mint sauce 699 times
serve plum chicken kebabs 599 times
serve fiesta rice salad 799 times
collect 15 tents
collect 15 stools
collect 12 matches
rewards : mono shaped chair + peach dumplings recipe

crafting lesson catering order
serve spinach pasta salad 799 times
serve manga burger 699 times
serve madagascar vanilla soup 599 times
collect 15 knitting needles
collect 15 cloths
collect 12 design books
rewards : mosaic wall hanging + luscious cocoa creme recipe

favourite cookies catering order
serve globe trotter cookies 799 times
serve banana-lychee jelly 899 times
serve almond butter crostata 999 times
collect 15 flour
collect 15 platters
collect 12 chocolates
rewards : bookshelf door + chocolate heavenly hash