Cafe World Spice Celebration

By | December 29, 2012

Place the cafe world spice celebration in your cafe and level up to get instant thymes, mega thymes and more !

Gain new levels on the spice celebration in the first week. The spice celebration will be ready for collection every day in the second week.

Place the spice celebration and get free spices magically !
collect these parts :
10927 Bubbly Bottle
10928 New year Hat
10929 Fireworks
10930 Saffron
10931 Pepper
10932 Nutmeg

spice rewards :
level 1 : one hour thyme
level 2 : six hour thyme
level 3 : twelve hour thyme
level 4 : instant thyme
level 5 : mega instant thyme

official FAQ
What is the Spice Tree ?
The Spice Tree is a buildable that, once completed, will allow you to collect free spices once a day for a certain period of time.

How does it work?
When you see the above screen in your game, click on it and place the 2013 logo in your game. You have until January 4th, 05:00 am PST to built your tree and upgrade it to the highest possible level.

Does it matter, the tree level?
Yes, it does. The highest the level, the better the spices you will be able to collect

When can I start collecting?
January 4th, 05:01 am PST. You will be able to collect free spices once a day until January 11th 05:00 am PST

How often will I be able to collect free spices?
You will be able to collect once every 24 hours

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