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By | February 3, 2012

Complete the cafe world spice co buildable to receive free spices for all your stoves !
Hire your audience / producers and get your seal of approval to spice all your stoves with 1 hour thyme, salvage sage, or mastery mint !

you can find this item on functional tab or start meet burt goal 🙂

use for free spice demonstrations ! collect these parts to build :
10 sales counter
14 spice racks
10 sales pitch
14 spice co signs

use the gid send links here :

sales counter link
spice rack link
sales pitch link
spice co sign link

guide :
How many Spice Co. demonstration stands can I have?
You can only have one, but you can either buy or build it.

What do I need to do in order to use the Spice Co. demonstration stand?
After you’ve finished building the Spice Co., you will need to hire your friends and gather the Seal of Approval.

How do I obtain the Seal of Approval?
You can obtain the Seal of Approval by finishing the Spice Co. quest.

Once I’ve hired my friends for the Spice Co. demonstration stand, what does it do?
Once you have filled your crew and obtained the Seal of Approval, click on the Spice Co. and select the “Start Demonstration” option to spice all of your dishes with either 1 Hour Thyme, Mastery Mint or Salvage Sage for free!

How long does my crew last?
Your crew will last until you perform a spice demonstration, at which point you will need to re-hire your crew before you can start another demonstration.

Can I use the Spice Co. demonstration stand after I finish the quest?
Yes, you can use the Spice Co. as many times as you wish.

If the Spice Co. demonstration stand is not in my Cafe, can I still use it?
You will not be able to use the Spice Co. demonstration stand if it is in your inventory, but any hired crew will remain until your next demonstration.

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  • Terrence

    What does it really mean — to receive free spices for all your stoves? What exactly does this buildable do?

  • Monique

    I have tried using this several times and nothing happens, except that teh whole page scrambles up…and then i have to rehire my crew again…