Cafe World Spice-O-Meter

By | August 30, 2012

Spice your dishes and earn amazing rewards with cafe world spice-o-meter !

here’s the official guide :

What does the Spice-O-Meter do ?
The Spice-O-Meter gives you extra rewards when using Spices.

How do I get my Spice-O-Meter to increase ?
Depending on which Spice you use you will receive different amount of points, the more points you get the more Dishes you will unlock.

Which Spice gives me how many points ?
mastery mint : 1 point
onehour thyme : 1 point
salvage sage : 1 point
sixhour thyme : 8 point
server saffron : 9 point
twelvehour thyme : 10 point
chef aid saffron : 12 point
instant thyme : 14 point
quest buster : 15 point
mastery maestro : 20 point
mega instant thyme : 20 point

Do I have to spice specific Dishes or can I use my Spices on any Dish I am currently cooking?
You can spice any Dish you are cooking and it will count for your Spice-O-Meter!

Will I gather Points if I use the Spice Company ?
Yes, using the Spice Co. will also give you points for the Spice-O-Meter.