Cafe World Spices

By | March 6, 2010

Cafe World Spices is here πŸ™‚ Have you completed spice rack on cafe world ?
spices on cafe world

After you have shelves, small jars, medium jars, large jars and lids completed you may find the Spice Rack in the customize – windows. Placed it on your cafe πŸ™‚

open the spice rack and you will see Exotic Spices
you received a crate of spice but need a friend to help you open it to start using them.
cafe world spice crate

click ask for it, and it will post to your walls.
You will need a friend to click the help button, yup just a friend !

now open the spice rack again, you will see a pop up
“Your spice shipment has arrived ! Spice can speed cook times, add extra servings, unspoil and more!”

open spice rack ! and you can see 2 tab in it : spice rack and spice market

choose β€œUse it” to sprinkle on food while cooking.

These are the Spices and the effect :
Mystery Spice : mystery effect
Onehour Thyme : speed cooking time by 1 hour
Super Salt : Adds 5 percent more servings
Sixhour Thyme : Speeds cook time 6 hours (You can use on dishes less than 6 hours)
Power Pepper : Adds 10 percent more servings.
Instant Thyme : Makes a dish instantly ready.
Salvage Sage : Removes spoil from a dish.

You may use spices on a dish that is in the process of cooking and you may use more than spice on a dish.
You can also click “get more spice” or “get more” to ask your friends for spices

do you happy with cafe world spices ?

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