Cafe World Spring Is Here – Orchid GID

By | May 11, 2012

Spring is here in cafe world ! earn the no spoil genie !

there’s only a new loading screen, no goals yet 😛 wil update when there’s more information comin’

there are 2 buildable available :
maypole flower display table
maypole bird cage

spring is here event : earn the no spoil genie !
Earn both 6x mega stoves to upgrade to 6x ultra stoves and no spoil genie
2 quest :
gardening time goals
time to bloom goals

collect spring tickets for a chance to win cafe cash

collect items for 4x 50% lightning stove
construct your own maypole
bake your own cupcakes

and 2 coming soon catering order
cater the bird watching convention
cater the cherry blossom festival

Guide for Maypole event :
Is the Maypole event a timed one?
Yes, the Maypole is a timed event that will last for 13 days.

How can I enter the Maypole contest?
In order to enter the Maypole contest, you will be required to gather a Maypole Raffle Ticket. You can either buy Maypole Raffle tickets or ask your friends.

My friend told me that they sent me a Maypole Raffle ticket, but I didn’t get it. Why?
May we suggest that you refresh your browser.

How often may I ask my friends to send me Maypole Raffle tickets?
You can ask a friend for Maypole Raffle tickets once per 12 hours.

Is there a limit on how many Maypole Raffle Tickets my friend can send me?
Your friends can send up to 6 Maypole Raffle tickets per feed post. Once six of your friends have sent you tickets through this particular feed post, they will see a message that all of the tickets have been collected.

Why should I build the Bird Cage?
A completed Bird Cage will grant you +1 mastery on all desserts!

Why should I build the Flower Display Table?
A completed Flower Display Table will grant you +1 mastery on flowers!

What’s the special reward for completing the two quests?
At the end of each Maypole quest, you will receive a 6x MEGA stove. If you have both 6x MEGA stoves, they will become 6x ULTRA Stoves!

How do I differentiate the two stoves?
A White Orchid stove is black-colored and has white orchids on it. A Black Orchid stove is a white-colored stove that has black orchids on it.

Will the No Spoil Genie be a reward in this event?
Yes, the No Spoil Genie will be a reward during this event, but if you have one already, you will receive two Black 6x Ultra Stoves instead of one!

thx to jimmy, we have the gid for this event here :
7026 Red Orchid Guide
7027 Red Orchid Seed
7028 Red Pot
7029 Red Flower Sign

7030 Blue Orchid Guide
7031 Blue Orchid Seed
7032 Blue Pot
7033 Blue Nutrient
7034 Blue Flower Sign

7035 Yellow Orchid Guide
7036 Yellow Orchid Seed
7037 Yellow Pot
7038 Yellow Nutrient
7039 Yellow Flower Sign
7040 Yellow Recomendation

7041 Purple Orchid Guide
7042 Purple Orchid Seed
7043 Purple Pot
7044 Purple Nutrient
7045 Purple Flower Sign

7046 White Orchid Guide
7047 White Orchid Seed
7048 White Pot
7049 White Flower Sign
7050 White Nutrient

7051 Orange Orchid Guide
7052 Orange Orchid Seed
7053 Orange Pot
7054 Orange Flower Sign

7055 Green Orchid Guide
7056 Green Orchid Seed
7057 Green Pot
7058 Green Nutrient
7059 Green Flower Sign

7060 Pink Orchid Guide
7061 Pink Orchid Seed
7062 Pink Pot
7063 Pink Nutrient
7064 Pink Flower Sign

7065 Teal Orchid Guide
7066 Teal Orchid Seed
7067 Teal Pot
7068 Teal Nutrient
7069 Teal Flower Sign

7070 Black Orchid Guide
7071 Black Orchid Seed
7072 Black Pot
7073 Black Nutrient
7074 Black Flower Sign
7075 Black Recomendation

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  • Joyce

    Could you please list the quests for the spring fling? I have the GIDS but was hoping to see what the dishes were, Thank you.

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  • Sue

    Can you please explain how to use the GID?? I am new here

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  • terrence

    question — is the No Spoil Genie, the rechargeable type? or is it the same as the No Clean Fairy – active forever?

  • terrence

    Has the Week 2 already been started? My timer shows 6 days 21hrs remaining but I am currently at Part 11 of Week 1 Goal. Do I need to finish Wk1 Goal to manage to unlock Wk2 Goal?

  • Sue

    BTW.. In z black orchid goal 13 they ask to complete z bird watch catering.. which was not mentioned here!!!