Cafe World St Patrick’s Day 2012 Goals

By | March 8, 2012

Finally the cafe world st patrick’s day 2012 goals is here ! you can see there are several to-do list you need to finish for 10 days forward !

here are the guide what you need to know for this event :
Collect Clovers
Help amelia host festive st. patrick’s day parties and earn clovers you can spend at the gift shop for amazing prizes !

Visit the Gift Shop
Collect clovers from quests and friends, and spend them in the gift shop !

Pick Your Pot of Gold
Follow the rainbow every day and pick a pot of gold ! Every pot has a prize !

Plant a Shamrock Garden
Plant emerald fields of st. patrick’s day shamrocks, and earn rewards for each stage !
visit cafe world shamrock garden for more info !

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 To-Do List
notice that there’s a coming soon cater the gaelic games catering order

there are 2 main goals to get gold clover:
cafe world paddys party

cafe world morning tea

here are the complete gid you need for these 2 goals :
6080 Irish Flag
6081 Green Balloom
6082 Festive Hat
6083 Grenn Bow Tie
6084 Green Apron
6085 Coffee
6086 Irish Harp
6087 Shillelagh
6088 Kiss Me Button
6089 Green Root Beer
6203 Party Invite
6204 Barstool
6205 Festive Light
6206 Streamers
6207 Green Scarve
6208 Fizzy Green Drink
6209 Noise Maker
6210 Party Popper
6211 Emerald Glitter
6212 Festive Beads
6213 Teapots
6214 Tea cups
6215 Egg
6216 Potato
6217 Rashers
6218 Irish Pudding
6219 Ham slice
6220 Fresh Tomato
6211 Family Cookbook
6222 Recipe Cards
6223 Celtic Instrument
6224 Celtic Song
6225 Photo Album
6226 Family Portrait
6227 Sage
6228 Rosemary
6229 Darts
6230 Wild Irish Rose
6231 Pen
6232 Guest Book
6233 Flower Garden

in case i missed something please help add on the comment below 🙂 thank you

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  • Jo

    Thank you so much, your site has been so helpful to complete cafeworld goals. You are always the first one to post the gid’s for every new goal in cafeworld. You rock!

  • mPhow’

    6221 for Family Cookbook. lol..

    and thanks a lot anyway.. it’s really helpful.. xx

  • Jenny Leong

    Thank you so much with the GID. ^_^

  • laura

    please tell me how this works thank you very much
    i dont understand do i need cheat engine ?????

  • Zelda64

    6211 Family cookbook —> 6221 I think

  • laura

    thank you i have read this and tired it but i has not worked. i know how to use gid links as i used facegamer. but i see you get gid up before them, so it still wont work and timestamp just dont understand it sorry. thank you

  • ada

    i also tried but cant work in this task. Other is fine. please kindly help.

  • laura

    pls help where and how do you use timestamp i am really confused, pls thank you

  • stefani

    Laura, what I do is go to the Facegamer website and choose an older link to click. When I get the Cafe World error page, I plug in my friend’s FB id# (as per the facegamer instructions). Then i replace the old gid with the light chan gid for these new goals, and it works just fine. (at least for me, when I use internet explorer)

  • laura

    took me some time but i think i have got it thank you very much

  • laura

    THANK YOU ALL. i have it now
    can this work on foods ????? to gift myself food or do i need to keep changing timestamp… i know to change ID

  • CW Fan

    Noticing that with these goals it takes a lot longer for the GID to work than normal? You have to wait for it to register properly before refreshing both the URL and possibly your cafe too? Anyone else with same problem?

  • Jenny Leong

    May i know the GID for Shamrock Cookies and Kiss Me Buttons? Thank you in advance. ^_^

  • Catherine

    Shamrock Cookie….6196

  • CW Fan

    6196 Shamrock cookies

  • anne m

    shamrock cookie – 6196

  • Smarty Jain

    Really a nice page help me a lot.
    want neighbour?
    Add me.

  • Kandy

    Thank you so much for all this info. It has been really helpful. I don’t find a GID for the shamrock cookies. If there is one, please add.

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