Cafe World Stardust Stew Cafe Points

By | January 9, 2010

Cafe World Stardust Stew Cafe Points.
stardust stew on cafe world

This is the second alien food that you can find in the cookbook today 😛 Yap, the other sci-fi dishes is martian brain bake

Stardust Stew
unlocked on level 14
CP per prep round : 6 CP
Serving CP : 120 CP
Servings : 425
Coins per dish : 6 coins/serving
Coins to buy : 1000 coins
Coins earned : 2550 coins
Cooking time : 9 hours

How many cafe points (CP) do you get from cafe world stardust stew ?
The total cafe points for stardust stew you can get is 18 + 120 = 138 cp

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