Cafe World Statue Cabinet Guide

By | October 27, 2012

Get a cafe world statue cabinet ! want to know what this item can do for your cafe ? find out the guide here !

here’s the official FAQ from cafe world support :

What does the Statue Cabinet do in cafe world ?
You can store and show off your Statues in the Statue Cabinet and save space in your Café.

Will my Statues work if I place them in the Statue Cabinet?
Yes! All Statues placed in the Statue Cabinet maintain their full functionality!

Which Statues can I store in the Statue Cabinet?
You can currently have the following Statues in your Statue Cabinet:
Buck Bradshaw Statue, No Spoil Genie, No Clean Fairy, Interior Decorator and Captain Counter Space. You can upgrade your cabinet to store more statues.

Watch out for the upgrade goals that will be released soon!

How does my Statue Cabinet look inside?

How do I move my Statues from my Café into the Statue Cabinet?
Simply click on the Statue you would like to move. As long as you have space in your Cabinet you will get the option to store the Statue in your Cabinet.

Can I view my Statues once I placed them inside my Statue Cabinet?
Yes, just click on your Statue Cabinet and it will open and show the Statues you have placed inside.


Can I remove a Statue from my Cabinet again?
Yes, if you want to move one of your Statues out of your Cabinet and back into your Café again you need to open your Cabinet and click on the Statue you want to remove. You can either place your statue in your Café or move it to your inventory after that.

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