Cafe World Subway Breakfast

By | May 11, 2011

Cafe World Subway Breakfast ? breakfast is no time to be boring, build a breakfast your customers will love ! hurry, they are available for a limited time only !

you may already noticed that there’s a new goal for subway breakfast (see it in cafe world breakfast express goals ), wow your customers with new breakfast options ! complete the limited- time breakfast express goals to earn 2 specialty breakfast recipes for your toaster oven

but some players got different requirements for breakfast I & II goal

in breakfast express I as you can see some players need to serve deluxe breakfast melt, while others serve sunrise subway melt
with the same number though 🙂

try to look on your cookbook > breakfast cuisine, what do you see on the first page ?
is it deluxe breakfast melt + ham & sandwhich ? or sunrise SUBWAY melt + black forest ham, egg & cheese ?

i don’t know why but there’s a ‘subway breakfast’ logo for different dishes, though the cooking time and price are the same 😛 no explanation from zynga so far

well, it’s not really a big problem because you can get the same rewards on part 4 & 6 :
– grilled cheese sandwich
– corque monsieur

images special thx to di’s mingle 🙂

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