Cafe World Sunset Orange Goals 5x Ultra Stove

By | March 14, 2012

Buck is back in cafe world sunset orange goals and he’s brought some new 4x Ultra Stoves! Build up to 5 4X Ultra stoves on this march 2012 before Buck leaves again in 18 days!

There’s also 3 more stove slots (after level 20) so you can place and build your new stoves!

the new stoves are :
sunset orange mega stove
turbo teal mega stove
mellow yellow mega stove
deep purple mega stove
passion pink mega stove

and each quest have burner goals you need to finish

here are the main quests :
part 1 : sunset orange goal
– serve 60 random dishes
– ask for 6 metal plates
– ask for 6 bolts

gid for new stoves goals :
6417 Orange Tubes
6418 Orange Switches
6419 Thermostat
6420 Handle
6421 Burner Ring
6422 Heating Coil
6423 Gas Pipe
6424 Bolt
6449 Copper Wiring
6450 Drip Pan
6451 Orange Circuits
6452 Teal Circuits
6453 Yellow Circuits
6454 Purple Circuits
6455 Pink Circuits
6456 Orange Displays
6457 Teal Displays
6458 Yellow Displays
6459 Purple Displays
6460 Pink Displays
6468 Teal Tubes
6469 Teal Switches
6470 Yellow Tubes
6471 Yellow Switches
6472 Purple Tubes
6473 Purple Switch
6474 Pink Tubes
6475 Pink Switches
6521 Metal Plates
6522 Control Knobs

part 2 : place your stove goal
– place your sunset orange mega stove

part 3 : turbo teal goal
– serve 40 random dishes
– ask for 7 copper wiring
– ask for 7 gas pipes

part 4 : place teal goal
– place your turbo teal mega stove

part 5 : mellow yellow goal
– serve 50 random dishes
– ask for 8 heating coils
– ask for 8 control knobs

part 6 : place yellow goal
– place your mellow yellow mega stove

part 7 : deep purple goal
– serve 30 random dishes
– ask for 9 burner rings
– ask for 9 handles

part 8 : place purple goal
– place your deep purple mega stove

part 9 : passion pink goal
– serve 20 midnight suppers
– ask for 10 drip pans
– ask for 10 thermostats

part 10 : passion pink goal
– place your passion pink mega stove

official F.A.Q
Buck Bradshaw is back and he has 5 more stoves for you to build and upgrade! Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you complete the 5X Ultra Stove goals:

Are there any dishes unlocked through the goals?
These goals help you unlock the greatest stoves in Cafรฉ World, namely 5 different 50% 4 burner stoves called Ultra Stoves. There are no dishes awarded through these goals

Will I be able to unlock the burners after the 5X Ultra Stove goals expire on March 31st?
No, you will not be able to unlock the burners after the 5x Stove goals expire. So we encourage you to complete the goals before they expire. Good luck!

What happens when I unlock all of the burners before the timer expires?
Once the four burners have been unlocked, you have what is called the Mega Stove. This has 4 burners but the burners do not cook 50% as fast. But once you complete the next set of goals, you can upgrade this Mega Stove to a 4x Ultra Stove where all the burners cook 50% as fast.

How does the Ultra Stove differ from normal stoves?
The Ultra Stove has 4 burners, each of which cooks 50% faster than normal stoves.

What happens if I did not unlock any of the burners, but just placed the stove and then the timer expired?
The stove will remain “frozen” in this state and since you did not unlock a burner, you cannot cook on it. So we encourage you to start unlocking burners right away while there is still time.

What happens if I did not unlock all of the burners (for example 2 out of 4 burners) before the timer expired?
The stove will remain “frozen” in this state. Therefore, you cannot unlock the remaining 2 burners. But you will be able to continue using the stove with the 2 burners that youโ€™ve already unlocked.

What happens if I unlocked all 4 burners, but haven’t upgraded to the Ultra Stove before the timer expired?
The stove will remain โ€œfrozenโ€ in this state. You cannot upgrade it to an 4x Ultra Stove, but you can cook on the 4 burners BUT without the 50% speed bonus.

What happens if I have not placed all of the 5 stoves before the timer expired?
Any remaining stoves in the 4x Ultra Stove goals that are not yet placed in your cafe cannot be placed once the timer expires.

So given all of the above information, what is the best strategy that you recommend I follow?
Try to unlock as many burners on each stove before placing more stoves. That way you get a stove with more useable burners per stove slot.

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  • mPhow’

    I think the one with code 6473 is the Purple Switches one. ;))

  • swetion

    the pink switches has to gid??? 6473 & 6475

  • Linda

    there are 2 pink switches listed which one is the right one?

    • admin

      woops.. >.< noted and updated ! thx guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nikos

    Orange Tubes and Orange Switches GIDS don’t work… Any ideas?

  • Nikos

    Found out what went wrong… Check this out! Tried to post to get the orange switches but my post came out asking for pink switches instead (!). Used the pink switch GID and it worked just fine. Same thing with the orange tubes, used the yellow tube GID. So if you have the same problem, look again, you may need a different color item than your stove!

  • becky

    im just wondering why the stoves im getting look nothing like the nice ones pictured like the last set of stoves, im getting ugly looking box things im not wasting my time working on these ugly ones i want the nice looking ones please advise?

  • Jenny Leong

    Dear Becky, i believe those stoves showed in picture are Ultra Stoves where now we unlock “ugly” mega stoves.
    We need to finish all 10 lvls per stove till its become nice and beautiful ultra stoves:)
    So, please continue on it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please correct me if im wrong. Thank you. ^_^

  • Michelle

    But what about the dishes that need to be cooked for each burner? Anyone know what they are?

  • Michelle

    Do we have to spice every time??? Ugh! I’m going to be lucky to get one stove done..

  • laura

    what are the gid numbers? where do you put them??

  • Lesley

    Michelle buy the pepper spices it counts to your spice total and its practically costs nothing when using cafe coins u dont have to use cash

  • Smarty Jain

    Dear Friends,
    GIDs are just GIFT IDs.
    You can get a above given parts as a gift by putting the GID in blow given link at the place of “0” after the “gid=”. The link is –

    You have to add me as your friend for make this link working.

  • Jo

    Orange tubes and switches gid not working

  • Michelle

    Thank you Lesley for the tip. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will give that a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle

    Lesley, you rock! I had no idea I could buy pepper and salt with coins not cash! Now I might actually be able to get something done! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, thank you!

  • cafe player

    why do the gid for the food not work? what am i doing wrong

  • Jenny Leong

    For Orange Tube, please use Yellow Tube GID 6470, its works for orange tube ^_^.
    Tried here and its works ^_^

  • Jenny Leong

    Please use 6470 for orange tube. T have try and its works

  • Mel

    for Orange Switch, try 6475

  • David

    Thank you for taking the time the lay all of this out. People like me really appreciate it.