Cafe World Super Lost Pages Goals

By | July 22, 2011

Second Part of the amazing recipe hunt quest, now in cafe world super lost pages goals are slightly harder, but also reward you with some fun new decor as well!

You will be able to ask your neighbors for SUPER Lost Pages again every 36 hours.

Note: the dishes you have to cook in this set of goals will be randomly generated from your available dishes, so keep a lookout! Your dishes that you must cook may differ from the ones listed below.

the mystery is even tougher, but the rewards are even bigger ! instead of just a recipe, you will find a special decoration item for your cafe !

part 1 : super lost pages 1 goal
– serve 15 french onion soups
– spice 8 of your own dishes
– ask for 5 dusty recipe sheets

part 2 : super lost pages 2 goal
– serve 20 angel fruit cakes
– ask for 7 old recipe sheets
– ask for 6 super lost pages

part 3 : super lost pages 3 goal
– serve 25 chashu ramen
– spice 10 of your own dishes
– ask for 10 old recipe sheets

part 4 : super lost pages 4 goal
– serve 3 pulled pork
– serve 30 chicken adobo
– ask for 8 more super lost pages (14)

part 5 : super lost pages 5 goal
– serve 3 dishes with the pastry station
– serve 35 pumpkin pies
– ask for 12 old recipe sheets

rewards : grandma’s easy chair + mystery prize

repeat the goals and unlock new rewards ! complete both sets of goals to collect all of the recipes and grandma’s special stoves !

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  • Erika

    FYI, it seems that these goals (and the lost recipe goals) are different for different people-my SLR goal 1 involved place the dog house, cook 15 red burritos and collect 5 old recipe sheets. My lost recipe goal 1 was to place the dog house, cook 5 Bountiful breakfast and ask for 3 old recipe cards.

  • Piia

    Yep, I had same goals as Erika, but with different foods to cook (same amounts of them though). It’s getting harder to predict the tasks…

  • Christina

    My goals are also different to those listed above!! Yayyyy, makes it exciting!

  • Laura

    Mine are different as well. Guess we cannot precook on this one.

  • Teri

    these are repeatable missions.. eventually they will ask for these recipes. every time you finish a set of goals you get a new recipe

  • random cafeworld player

    im trying to fin d out the rest of my goals for this so i can cook ahead my first was place doghouse serve 5 mothers day feasts and collect pages anyone know what the rest of the goals in this set are?

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  • Sorata

    About that last one, when we have to serve 3 dishes with the pastry station. I used instant spice to get the cake done, but it did not count. I have to wait the whole day to finish, only then it will count was it some kind of bug? Please help me!
    I have to know, cause if it is not a bug, then I will never be able to finish. I’ll need 9 days for each one of that quest!
    Thanks for the help!

  • roop

    same here Sorata … I served cakes frm my gift list .. but it didnt work

  • Laurie

    I am having the same problem as Sorata….I have to serve 1 dish from Pastry Station, I have cooked 4 cakes, not one of them counted…grrrr Do I need to bake a special cake to complete g-mas lost recipes 5??

    Please Help!!

  • Nonny

    @ Sorata – I used instant spice for 2 of my pastry cakes after selecting a crew (they didn’t have time to respond, but I just sent out a couple of requests). It counted towards my goal of 3. I think I fully cooked the first cake, but I might have used a spice on that, too…can’t really remember anymore.

  • otromen noa

    sorata and laurie

    i also used spices for 3 cakes previously but i didn’t ask for crews and all didn’t count in. as nonny said, ask for crews, then use the spices. and i’ve tested it with full crews, it finally counted in.

  • samara

    but I had full crews and I didn’t spice, and even then it didn`t count…

  • Maria

    @ Samara I am having the same problem… I notice you posted a few days ago so I am wondering if you figured out how to do it.