Cafe World Super Stove Links Glitch

By | April 4, 2010

Cafe World Super Stove Links Glitch, i found links for super stove missing parts so you can send the missing parts for 30 times to you friends !

How great is that 🙂

remember that to build super stove you will need to complete the missing parts
12 Grill Rings
12 Metal Plate
14 Computer Chip
12 Control Knob

Each can be sent 30 times, Click the images to get super stove link on cafe world :

Grill Rings link

Metal Plate link

Computer Chip link

Control Knob link

build your super stove now with this link glitch ! so spam this links to your friend and ask them to send it to you 😛

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  • Art Ball

    Is that just 30 times or 30 times each day?

  • Fod

    Used it way more than 30 times now.
    Sometimes its only 25 times a day, I think the limit is random.
    Also, when I reach the limit the other links wont work too, since the limit is on the facebook application.

  • Jerico

    Thanks!! im done now!! gotta start my second one!!!

  • Jerico

    its me again im off to my fifth one

  • fathskie

    Oh this is cool! Thanks!

  • Thomas Pate

    And cafe super stoves and farmville free cash

  • New Stove Links
  • Myles

    Just to let you guys know. Ur best creating a second account. When you click OK to gift invitation the page reloads. In between this loading an URL will quickly flash. That URL is the gift send URL right before it goes to the cafe world load page. If you quickly copy this URL before it disappears u can paste it in over and over and send the same gift to your second account. I filled my cafe with super stoves in less than an an hour. As you are aware cafe world allows you to conveniently accept all requests on the load page. EASY!

  • Myles

    This means you don’t have to go to the gift page and choose who you want to send the gift to etc.. u can just send away in a split second.

  • Klant

    Can someone post the links to ACCEPT the parts? if they exist!

  • k

    thanks ! I built my 9th super stove today 🙂

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  • Lucas

    I couldn’t get my lighting stove after I completed building it

  • ann barrett

    darn it, the new lightning stove has a limit of one :-((((

  • zee

    same as Lucas… i completed building the lightning stove but then it just disappear from icon and not found in e “gears” section..

  • Tom

    For a while, they had the lightning stove icon at the bottom of the cafe and then they took it away. Now, it’s been restored by popular demand.

    While the icon is available, it is possible to build as many stoves as you like but each stove must be “collected” (by loading the cafe after all the parts are sent) before a new one can be built.

    As before, it is possible to send as many parts as you like from one account to another by making a note of the URL that appears when sending a part. This URL can be re-used to send parts as many times until it expires (probably 2 weeks). So with a co-operative neighbour, you can quickly build your stove.

    This sending part URL is the one that is obtained by clicking on the cafe gift request which results when a neighbour sends from the lightning stove icon. So for the time when the icon was not available, you would not have been able to obtain it unless you had saved it.

    Among my friends, we have built nearly 1000 lightning stoves already by this method.