Cafe World Super Stove

By | March 20, 2010

Cafe World Super Stove ๐Ÿ™‚ do you see anything new on cafe world today ? yes there’s a new icon right beside spice rack icon, Super Stove

Super Stove on cafe world

What is super stove on cafe world ?
if you click the icon you will see a pop up that explain about this super stove :
Super Stoves !
Tired of clicking ?
Premium super stoves will let you skip all the ingredient steps for lightning quick one-click cooking !

only members of the cafe world email club will get a free super stove when they launch ! Reserve yours now !

you must grant email permission to receive stove. We care about your privacy, will never share your information, and you can unsubscribe anytime.


so if you still wonder how to get super stoves on cafe world ?
all you need to do is be a member or subscribe for cafe world email club

how to join cafe world email club ?
remember cafe world Giant Dino Egg ? if you already unlocked giant dino egg that means you already joined cafe world email club ๐Ÿ™‚

if not then try this :
go to your facebook > account > account settings
go to notifications tab, roll to the bottom look for “Other Applications”
tick cafe world, and you’re done ๐Ÿ™‚

can’t wait for cafe world super stove ^_^

Update : Super Stoves are here ! if you have some trouble to get super stove you can read super stove cafe world ๐Ÿ™‚ i made a step by step guide how to get super stove there.

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  • luis laranjeiro

    i love this game!

  • Moawya

    neeed it

  • Ally

    So are we going to be just limited to one? I hope to get more, they aren’t going to make us get levels on other games like they are doing with the food (Mafia Wars). I think its unfair to make us do more to get what we need especially if we don’t have the time or like my kids, are not old enough to play the game. But the idea of more cafe points for helping neighbours depending on your level is excellent!!!

  • Vagelis

    I want super stoves so mutch

  • alea

    iwant to be a memder of the eMail club so i can get a super stove reverse can i be a member please an get that super stove.

  • damon

    i need to know how to grant email

  • ayezia10

    i need that how do i get that super stove>>pls tell me…tnx..

  • Tabitha

    Ok, well I did what I was told to get the super stove and well, I didn’t get it.. Could somebody help me??

  • linda fysh

    im a member but done as i was told to click on reserve but nothing happened no coment or reply to say it been resereved

  • ms

    i did too, and i also didn’t get the super stove.. :((

  • raiza santos cu

    i still dont have the super stove.

  • bluetear

    I did too. But I didn’t get the super stove too……

  • sheanna

    all u had to do was be a meber of the email club and the super stove is reserved for u soo when its actually official*..the super stoves are going to ome out in a while but not right now and the people who reserved it and is a member of the email club will get one : )..hope that helped

  • VIlle

    I just love this game <3 it would be nice with a super stove ๐Ÿ˜‰ i want one ๐Ÿ˜‰ please <3

  • tim

    how to join cafe world email club ?
    remember cafe world Giant Dino Egg ? if you already unlocked giant dino egg that means you already joined cafe world email club ๐Ÿ™‚

    if not then try this :
    go to your facebook > account > account settings
    go to notifications tab, roll to the bottom look for โ€œOther Applicationsโ€
    tick cafe world, and youโ€™re done ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tim

    Happy Cookin ya all & add me if you need neighbor for CW ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Irma Lopez

    I want a super stove pls.

  • marky dee

    super stove would be a big help…i really need it for my cafe…i’ve click the stove icon…soooo…when can we expect it to be available..????…hmmmm…

  • tina

    i want super stove pls

  • theresa

    i want the super stove to plz. when do we get it? and when it comes in? i clicked onit nothing happeneds!!

    plz. add me if needed neihbor for cw )

  • theresa

    yeah i did that also still didn’t get the super stove i did wht i suposed to do to get it still didn’t get it :(((

  • Rebecca

    I unlocked the Giant Dino Egg And still have not received the stove.

  • linda campbell

    super stove and spices….caf’e bucks

  • don sharber

    super stove and spices….caf’e bucks

  • christoher cartland

    i want the super stove plz

  • sue

    will we be able to buy more super stoves or do we only get to own one?????

  • barak

    i have a problem and i wish you can help me. i can already cook a giant dino egg, but when i click on the super stove icon, and then on “reserve yours now”, i don’t get any email permission to accept, the game is resuming and my email box stay empty. and i tried to tick cafe world on my notifications and it didn’t helped. so what should i do to get a super stove???

  • Danielle

    I cant wait to get the super stoves, hopefully I will get to have more than one

  • shane grundy

    hope i get one



  • reJ the Greatz

    Another hide promotion that Zynga do. Zynga want your email to spam your email with they info of product.

  • Jessie

    i dont really get why people play this but i got so many invites so i just decided to play it. its a bit relaxing on my opiniun

  • jay

    please help me to get the super stove

  • Nicole McAllister

    I want to now when I will be getting my supper stove????????

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  • glenn naskrent

    hope i get one

  • Amy Wong

    Wow,magical super stove – one click cooking =)
    what can I do then I have more than one super stove?

  • Tracy

    follow super stove cafe world directions…. you will get your free stove.

  • sultana


  • shane grundy

    send me one super stove thanks

  • Quincy

    If ur an email member and u clicked the link to get ur stove,U can find ur stove in the same spot where u buy ur other stoves. You’ll see “Super Stove x 1” Click and drag ur free stove to ur cafe.

  • chris

    now you can build your own super stove, but it says it ‘cooks’ your food with one click, but in reality, it just preps it, not worth it!

  • Sansan

    Where can i find the super stove? I’ve completed the collection of all the parts required and upon completion, it prompts me to find the super stove in my inventory but I cannot find it in my inventory….What is wrong? Please help me?

  • carmen

    if you guys have not gotten your stove, look under where the other stoves are at, see if theres a 1x next to it, and if there is, you have to delete one of the current stoves in your cafe then you can drag out the super stove