Cafe World Taste Lab

By | October 5, 2011

After you finish with the dishmaster you will unlock cafe world taste lab ! look on your cookbook, there should be a new option to view by cuisine : taste lab

You’ll be able to build your own custom dish, cook it, and master it! Show off your creativity with ingredients, and have a blast!

here’s the taste lab guide, it’s available on cafe world facebook fans video for signature dish :

first amelia will congratulate you for completing cafe world dishmaster
“congratulations on unlocking the power of the taste lab! you’ll now be able to create your own custom dishes by combining ingredients”

you can create new dish on taste lab using these ingredients :
– base ingredients
– meats and more
– sauces
– herbs and spices
– premium
– side dish

you can purchase the ingredients on farmer fred’s ingredient marketplace, it got the freshest ingredienrs !

Dish earns 50% until you level up to signature dish!

step 1 : click to select an ingredient to be the base for this dish!

Choose a delicious base ingredients first.
select a button to choose your next ingredient

step 2 : click to select your next ingredient
choose a meat, fish or other ingredient next

step 3 : click to select your next ingredient
choose a tasty sauce for your dish

step 4 : fantastic! click to mix the ingredients and create your dish!
creating the dish will consume one of each ingredient.
add more ingredients to make your dish more powerful.

click create and name your new dish
choose a name! you can edit the dish later. this will consunme these ingredients!

amelia’s spaghetti has been created in the taste lab.
fulfill these goals to upgrade this to signature dish
you must served the new dish for 45 times and collect feedback, you can also unlock with cafe cash –a

when you’re finish with the goals you can upgrade it to cafe world signature dish

your new recipe card is full of options!
– remove
– edit
– feedback
– share

and your creations will be kept in your taste lab ! upgrade – master – share !

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  • Aman

    I accidentally deleted my taste lab dish that I created by using beef…now im stuck with the last goal as I don’t have enough cash to buy beef from the market….please help

  • Mehak

    same here…plz help someone!!!

  • Claire

    I have to anyone know how to get the spaghetti ingredient back?

  • aSHLEY

    I need beef and shrimp im stuck on 2 different goals has anyone found this out yet?

  • Jake

    Anyway we can get the ingredients without having to spend CC? Yes, answering a bunch of 30-45 minute surveys is a good way to earn CC, but still I’d rather spend $50 on something like an ultra stove.