Cafe World Taste The Turkey Goal

By | November 16, 2010

Cafe World Taste The Turkey Goal ! the third thanksgiving mission that you can get after finishing goal test it out in cafe world

goal taste the turkey

Share some deep fried turkeys with your neighbors !

in this thanksgiving goals you will need to
– Deep Fry 3 Turkeys
– Serve 20 cups of Apple Cider
– Visit 5 neighbours

deep fry a couple turkeys and visit your neighbors !

taste the turkey rewards : 60000 coins + 3000 CP

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  • tammy mutch

    i am wondering why i cant get the thanksgiving goals.i have got the deep turkey fryer and i havent got the goals at the side of my cafe…could you please tell me how to get them please and why i havent got them as i cannot unlock the gingerbread house untill the thanksgiving goals are completed.would be very greatful if you could please reply and sort out this situation.

  • yari de rosario

    im wondering why the fry hard goal is not showing in the on the side of my cafe and i already have turkey deep fryerthe

    • admin

      how many goals do you have so far ? maybe you don’t see it because it’s too many ?