Cafe World Test Dish

By | November 1, 2009

Cafe World Test Dish. What is Test Dish in Cafe World ? Some people sometimes have this dish prepared and served on the stove and counters, it’s invisible but when you hover it.. you can see Test Dish written on it.

Here are some Test Dish experience by some people :
“I was making some cheesecake, but instead of dealing with strawberries I was asked to sear some tuna and squeeze some lime juice?? The cooking time on the dish was 1 minute and it was called Test Dish. When it was done, I clicked on it, but it did not show up on my counters.”

“When making it, it required tomatoes, salmon, and lime juice. It took all of 10 seconds to cook and made 15 servings. The stove, serving tray and table plates showed no dish, but I received 20 coins per serving.”

“It takes approximately 15 sec to cook, requires ingredients (tomatoes, salmon, lime), has a frying pan when you are preparing ingredients and no image when you are cooking. Not sure about spoiling time. Gives 0 CP per ingredient, 0 for serving, it gives 15 serves x 20 coins each”

“I figured i had a glitch and it was something I just hadn’t worked my way up to and didn’t pay that much attention to time/coins. And behold a few weeks later they release chips & guac! So maybe we will be getting a tuna dish and congrats on getting to test it!”

So i think the Test Dish was out for test 😛 It’s not a glitch, but some people choosed randomly by zynga to test some ‘new dish’ that will out for some weeks later 🙂

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  • gavin

    uhmmm yeeah i just got the test dish and the firt ingredient isnt tomatoes it shows up as a tomato but it says “slice peppers”

  • sharon

    I just got one of these test dishes as well – had peppers (which did look like a pepper), tuna, and lemon. cooking process had something about preparing tortillas in it.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i just dished it up, but it looked like pancakes.

  • bob

    same for me with the pancakes

  • Pie

    Me too! I just lost a savory turkey to that test… i just had to wait four minutes… then my turkey went bye bye 🙁

  • Anon

    @ Anonymous & Bob, mine look like pancakes too. I was cooking a five hour dish and then as I was arranging the furniture I saw a different item on the stove and it looked like pancakes, and it takes 5hrs too.