Cafe World Thanksgiving Extravaganza Catering Order

By | November 18, 2010

Cafe World Thanksgiving Extravaganza Catering Order is here ! cater the most delicious thanksgiving meal in all of cafe world


the 3 stars reward you can earn is a chocolate pecan pie, but remember that this catering order will need turkey deep fryer to make the deep fried turkeys

in thanksgiving extravaganza catering mission you will need to :
serve deep fried turkey 30 times
serve homestyle pot roast 53 times
serve pumpkin pie 60 times
collect 10 napkins
collect 10 place cards
collect 10 utensils


thanksgiving extravaganza rewards :
3 star rewards : 12 catering points, 7560 CP, 113400 coins, chocolate pecan pie (5 days)
2 star rewards : 8 catering points, 5400 CP, 81000 coins (7 days)
1 star rewards : 4 catering points, 3240 CP, 48600 coins

my tips :
– deep fried turkey takes 8 hours to cook, so you will need help from your friends to finish this faster
– homestyle pot roast takes 2 days to cook
– pumpkin pie takes 12 hours to cook
– you can get cafe world napkin, place card and utensils by ask friends

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  • Malagu

    Hello.. ok about the deep fry turkey. Can you only cook that on the deep fryer but not on stoves??

    And the crew thingy on catering, do you have to dress ur avatar to able to finish the catering mission?


  • abraham lopez

    Today I discovered that the recent meals gives you exactly the same money, cafe points & portions as the anniversary meals

    Turkey Deep Fryed = Anniversary Cake
    Royal Feast = Feijoada
    Chocolate Pecan Pie = Pastilla
    Shanghai Dumplings = Unbirthday Cake (+1 hour)
    & the next meal to unlock will be like Ratatouille (hard to get of course)

    and I expect the alien stuff that was replaced with ordinary meals

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