Cafe World The Amazing Recipe Hunt

By | July 22, 2011

The amazing recipe hunt is here in cafe world ! help grandma by repeating 2 new goals series with 5 part each :
1. grandmas lost pages
2. super lost pages


there are 3 tasks for this amazing recipe hunt event :
1. rescue grandma’s dog quickly for more chances to find a 4x lightning stove !
use cafe world grandmas doghouse gift links to send each part faster 😛

2. discover grandma’s super lost pages
you can see this requirements in cafe world super lost pages goals part 2 and 4

3. complete grandma’s cook-off catering order
(coming soon)

if you need some gid for goal items :
lost page gid : 3791
super lost page gid :3792

Repeat both sets of goas to complete the puzzle ! you can find 8 dishes and 3 stoves

the new recipes that you can unlock are :
walnut caramel brownies – 20 minutes
sweet potato souffle – 45 minutes
collard greens and bacon – 2 hours


cheesy tuna casserole – 5 hours
sliced potatoes au gratin – 7 hours
ham and potato soup – 13 hours


chicken and forty cloves – 1 day
grandma’s famous meatloaf – 1 day

(thx to Hollowness for the pictures)

i’m pretty sure that you will need to cook some of these dishes on grandmas cook-off new catering mission later

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