Cafe World Theme Park Catering Order

By | July 4, 2012

Complete cafe world theme park catering order to unlock 3 new dishes ! this is also the requirements for the joe and lisa’s family vacation event

new recipes you can get :
Rainbow Gelatin
Veggie Wrap

here are the requirements guide for this catering campaign :

Theme Park Party I Catering Order
Serve 999 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Serve 899 Baklava
Serve 799 Chocolate Cream Pie
Collect 15 Streamer
Collect 15 Confetti
Collect 12 Party Costume
Reward : Rainbow Gelatin

Theme Park Party II Catering Order
Serve 899 Rainbow Gelatin
Serve 799 Crackling Peking Duck
Serve 499 Clubhouse Sandwich
Collect 15 Party Hat
Collect 15 Party Banner
Collect 15 Party Music
Reward : Veggie Wrap

Theme Park Party III Catering Order
Serve 599 Apple Bramble Cake
Serve 499 Veggie Wrap
Serve 399 Loco Moco
Collect 15 Party Light
Collect 15 Party Popper
Collect 12 Plastic Cup
Reward : Saimin

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