Cafe World Tips And Tricks

By | October 5, 2009

Cafe World Tips And Tricks. If you already know Zynga Cafe World or see the Cafe World Guide, now it’s time for Cafe World Tips and Tricks 🙂

Cafe World Fast Serving Tips
To serve a lot faster, like in farmville, you need to block the way between counter and stove.
Move all the Stoves and Counters to the 2nd row from the left wall and then finish the customize, your waiter will appear behind the counters and stoves and the dishes will be auto served with the waiter just picking them up from the counters.


watch out !! you might throw it to customer’s head 😛

Waiters do not serve in cafe world ? You have missed customer by your waiters ? Yeah that happen for fast serving (glitch).
But you can try this layout for fast serving, your waiter will automatically appear behind the serving tables and he will clean, and serve people from behind the counter. No more missed customers! NO more incompetent waiters that stand around looking confused!!
but remember this works only for 2 waiters

How to Refresh the Data on a Glitched Game Item ?
Do you have a game item that is being cranky? The most common glitched item is a stove that is in the habit of losing dishes before they can be served.

Below are directions on how to “refresh” a game item using the stove as an example. After a faulty game item has been refreshed, it should lose its glitchiness and behave again.

1) Place all your stoves into your inventory by dragging them to your furnishing window and then releasing your mouse button.
2) Click the checkmark to close the editor.
3) Place your stoves back into the cafe.

(If you do not see your stoves in inventory, close the application by clicking the “Home” button on Facebook, and then restart the application. You should see a +# on the stove image when you return to the furnishings page. Click the image and drag to your cafe to reposition your refreshed stoves.)

Closing Cafe World
I discovered that to close the cafe while the bigger portions are cooking, remove the door or you can put a chair against the door too. This will save your rating 🙂

Cafe World Layout
well i think the best Cafe World Layout will be like Restaurant City Island, like this one :

Another Cafe world best layout by Mr Pettibone

Heres a table layout that i found pretty effective….(at least for a quaint cafe) No glitching, or customer waiting to get served.

layout by ragnarukos 

very best 10×12 layout with 30 tables by LaughDonor
Spiral Layout 🙂

105 buzz rating layout by Jessica

Are there differences in quality, serving number, or experience points for the different stoves and serving counters available in game ?
They are purely decorations and won’t make anything special. The differences are in cost for the item and appearance of the item only.

Why my waiters do not serve the customers ?
Leave a clear path to the table for the waiter to reach, he can not serve from behind a chair.
If that doesn’t help trying to fire the waiter and hire a different one.
Or you can try to rearranging and refreshing data on objects by dropping them into your inventory and bringing them out again almost always fixes problems with frozen waiters.
You can see the waiters solution guide.

What is the max Buzz ? What is the Buzz for ?
The max Buzz is 105. The Buzz is same as Fame (or popularity in restaurant city), the higher it is the more customers will come to you meaning more money and CP since you will need to make more dishes.

Why customers are not going into my cafe and lower my Buzz ?
Those customers are unhappy because you have no room to sit in your cafe and unlike the happy customers that raise your Buzz the unhappy lower it.

– One satisfied customer = + 0.1 buzz
– customer cant sit down = – 0.5 buzz
– customer doesn’t get served = – 0.5 buzz
– customer sits on an empty plate = – 0.5 buzz

How many dishes does customers eat in a minute ?
Well It depend how many customer you have, In the maximum Buzz 105
they ate 13 serves a minute
so it’s 800 an hour
19200 for a day
so lets for 12 it will be 9600

Why my game is not getting saved ? Or is there any save button in Cafe World ?
You need to remember this is a Beta. Simply go to customize for abit and then refresh your window to see if it was saved.
Update : now there’s a saving button for cafe world 🙂

Looks like there’s a glitch for saving cafe world, so if you have saving problem please see Cafe World Saving Problems Solutions

How do I make more money in Cafe World ?
– You make money by selling your dishes to customers that will come to your cafe.
– You make money by getting tips when your neightbors come and visit your cafe(not when you see them enter your cafe but when they click ‘Visit’
– You make money when you visit your neightbors by trying out their dish.

I made a big mistake, can I start over Cafe World ?
You can’t, unless you delete the app and then want to wait 60 days. If you do, after the 60 days you will need to install the app again and you have your new account.

How do I move stuff ? How do I turn them around ?
Click customize(chair icon) and then you can move anything you want.
Same way in customize but when you click the item you want to turn there are two arrows above it, simply click one of the arrows untill you reach the position you wanted.

How to change cafe name ?
Simply click on the cafe name in the top right corner of the screen (the yellow one)

How to sell back some items ?
– Choose the chair icon
– Click the item you would like to sell
– Drag it over the cash register icon

When using Gift in Cafe World try to use it when you have a full tables with customers.
you will earn more coins 😀

New Cafe World Tricks from Adam :
SAVE $$$$!! after you have served your meals, dont clean the stove. Open the ‘customise’ tab and drag your dirty stoves into your inventory then drag out a shiny new one. Free! saves $15 cleaning costs each.
But remember that cleaning stove gives you +1 CP, so it’s up to you 🙂

Tricks to get more stoves by ryandunn93
(only try with empty stoves as you will lose cooking stuff)
1. Drag all of your stoves to the bottom menu as quickly as you can.
2. Now put them back, you will probably find a square that is empty but you can’t place your stove there. put all of your stoves in different places than originally.
3. Repeat the process until you have as many red squares as you can get. Put all of your stoves back.
4. Click Play and reload your cafe.
5. All of the red squares will be clones of those stoves. In the “functional” menu it will say something like 9 of 6 stoves used.
6. If you take them away now you will lose your glitched stoves.
( i don’t really know if this still works. Please tell me)

Cafe World profit list – Cookbook tabulation thanks to Leo Castillo 🙂 
now you can see which dishes will bring you the most profit in cafe world 😀

and another tabel made by Bramble

From this tabel the best dishes to cook to get Cafe Points (CP) :
1st – Chicken Gyro and Fries
2nd – Bacon Cheeseburger
3rd – Chips and Guacamole (halloween dishes)

a new cafe world spreadsheets by LaughDonor
Cafe World Complete Spreadsheets
he even made the process for each dishes ! what a work 🙂

Update : I don’t really know what happened to laughdonor spreadsheet, but while we wait until it up again clara made cafe world spreadsheet too from laughdonor data, yeah she made a backup 🙂
It’s not really complete like laughdonor spreadsheet but it’s okay ^__^

see it here : cafe world spreadsheet by Clara

thanks for sharing guys 😀

How to collect cafe world bonus / dishes faster from facebook news feed ?
To filter cafe world news feed you can use this link :
so you can collect bonus servings from your friends faster 😀 

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