Cafe World Titanium Stove Shop

By | August 11, 2012

Finish all 10 stages of cafe world titanium stove shop to complete your brown 4x ultra stove !

Use the stove shop to maintain your new titanium stove !

collect these parts to build :
Titanium Oil Canister
Titanium Hammer
Titanium Scrub Brush
Titanium Multi-Tool
Extra Titanium Nut and Bolt
Titanium Stove Polish

buck bradshaw’s stove shop

Each time you complete a stage you earn rewards !
stage 1 : 4x mega stove
stage 2 : 2 six hour thyme
stage 3 : 4x mega stove burner 2
stage 4 : baked figs recipe
stage 5 : 4 six hour thyme
stage 6 : 4x mega stove burner 3
stage 7 : grasshopper pie recipe
stage 8 : 2 quest buster thyme
stage 9 : brown 4x mega stove burner 4
stage 10 : brown 4x ultra stove

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  • terrence

    just want to share the following info:
    >> this Stove Shop is needed for the 6x Titanium stove goal which has 15 Quests, last one is to be able to upgrade from Mega to Ultra
    >> with this Stove Shop (currently, it says for Brown 4x Mega Stove which is wrong), the following needs to be completed as part of the respective Quests in the Titanium stove goal
    *** Stage 2 for Quest #5
    *** Stage 6 for Quest #10
    *** Stage 10 for Quest #14
    >> catering is NOT needed for the Goal, but you will get new dishes on doing it but these dishes will not be a part of the Goals
    >> to get ur 2nd and 3rd stoves that is being talked about in the Goal, u will need to pay 100 cafe cash (no other way — at least for now. hope Zynga will change this)