Cafe World Toaster Oven Links

By | March 12, 2011

Cafe World Toaster Oven Links ! the essential fast cooking appliance is here 🙂
toaster oven materials on cafe world

The toaster oven allows one click toasting from a cookbook of fast and easy recipes. No cleaning required ! get yours today !

now to build toaster oven you need to collect :
warming tray, thermostat, toaster knob and broiling rack

to send the toaster oven material parts faster, use these cafe world toaster oven gift links :

cafe world warming tray link

cafe world thermostat link

cafe world toaster knob link

cafe world broiling rack link

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  • pauinha6

    jam jars link please???

  • Cindy Pate

    Missin toaster oven can’t find it. Doesn’t copy to cafe from buildables. Lost it when finished gathering parts. Please advise thanks

  • Michael Jones

    I had similar issues as CP and sent assist note to Zynga Support. A few days later, I found the toaster oven sitting in front of one of the cafe doorways–dropping my customer ratings, of course.

    one of my cw neighbors has over 300pts and at last count nearly 30 ovens. anyone know the drop for ovens over 90+ level?