Cafe World Tom Yum Goong Cafe Points

By | March 20, 2010

Cafe World Tom Yum Goong ! a new locked dish on cafe world, tom yum goong

tom yum goong on cafe world

how to unlock tom yum goong on cafe world ?
gain 5 levels in mafia wars (minimum level 15) to unlock this limited edition killer concoction for your cafe

well another cross promotion game by zynga -.-”

click play mafia wars and you will see this pop up

and looks like this tom yum goong is a thai food.. Mafia Wars and Thai food do tie in together at the moment, Mafia wars just came out with their Bangkok expansion.

how many cafe points – CP do you get for tom yum goong on cafe world ?
here the stats for tom yum goong :
Tom Yum Goong Unlocked
cost 2400
servings 3000
earns 5 per serving – 15000 total
ready in 4 days
round cp : 54
serve cp : 400
Tom Yum Goong Total CP : 563 cafe points

wait in 4 day and i will tell you how many cafe points for tom yum goong ok 🙂 i hope tom yum goong cp big enough.
– thx to laughdonor for the CP info 🙂

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  • ds

    its gone already, i don’t see it anymore

  • jay

    i triing understand how i can earn cash on cafe world