Cafe World Top Designer Goals

By | September 5, 2012

Help maria miller in cafe world top designer goals to start her own label, and earn a new 4x mega stove !

maria miller wants to make her dreams come true, can you help her ? new dishes to unlock :
– Mu Shu Pork
– Szechwan Shrimp
– Dragon and Phoenix

8 part of missions, requirements :

quest 1: top designer goal
– place your top designer 4x mega stove
– serve 20 random dishes
– ask for 3 needles


gid :
7595 Needle
7611 Sewing Machine
7621 Tape Measure
7612 Sewing Pattern
7620 Tailor’s Chalk
7598 Pencil
7596 Notebook
7604 Rolls of Cloth
7573 Colored Thread
7622 Thimble
7608 Scissor
7616 Steamer
7584 Fabric Glue
8129 Headshots
7649 Champagne Flute

quest 2: Going For It Goal
quest 3: Thread the Needle Goal
quest 4: The Concept Goal
quest 5: Find the Pattern Goal
quest 6: Tie up loose Ends Goal
quest 7: Moment of Truth Goal
quest 8: Sweet Victory Goal

official guide :
What will I earn upon completion of the top designer quest?
Complete the quest line to earn a 4x Mega Stove. Once you finish each of the quest lines, your stove will be automatically added to your inventory, under Functional.

I have just finished the quest line and my stove isn’t in the inventory. Now what?
Give us a couple of minutes and refresh your game.

Do I need to unlock burners or upgrade the stove?
No, your stove come ready to use, just like Amelia likes it.

So, besides the stoves, what else can I earn?
As always, Café Points, Coins and many new dishes for your Cookbook.

When will the quests expire?
The quests will be active until September 10th.