Cafe World Trick or Treat Candy

By | October 20, 2011

Here’s a guide how to get cafe world trick or treat candy for halloween event, first thing you need is the halloween candy bowl on your cafe (find on special items)
with this you can start to trick or to treat friends

send tricks and treats to your friends to win great prizes, and then serve the candy they give you to get even more prizes !

here’s how things work with the halloween cauldron :
#1 trick or treat !
play the trick or treat game to grab candy, you only need to pic friends choose trick or treat then post a request on their WALL :
treat post
trick post
cannot post (if your friends block their wall from spamming)

now send candy to get candy
– if your friends help you, you will get “collected” candy
– but if you help your friends, you only get “available” candy


but there’s a problem where you don’t get the candy, even though your friends already click accept trick or treat, “give candy”

from explanation :
Halloween Goals – Trick Or Treat Candy (10-20-11)
“We are aware of an issue with the Halloween quest and the Trick or Treat Candy. Our development team has been notified and is currently working to resolve this issue.
Please check the game periodically for updates on its availability. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

#2 win prizes !
score enough candy to earn spooky-cool prizes
the rewards are :
– fruit flies
– scary berry pie
– halloween 50% 4x-ultra stove

#3 hand it out !
pass out candy to your customers for even more rewards !
you can look spooky visitors with candy on the bubble, this is where you can click them with “available” candy you have

but if you don’t have enough candy for trick-or-traters, you’ll see this pop up :

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  • blury bury

    I have over 300 friends actively playing. this candy bowl only shows 6 pages of two players each page. where are the rest of the players??? it is showing the 6 least active players in this list. i have managed 8 candies total and i play every day hours each day this doesnt make sense. how to display more players? how do i get more candies? i want a 4x 50% lightning stove! 22 more candies to go. at this rate it will be new years eve before i get 22. probably more like never unless they add more friends to this bowl so i can post on their wall. is there a work around??? thanks!

  • bee

    This is very frustrating- I have asked DAILY and my friends keep clicking it for me (and tell me they are clicking and I believe them) but it’s not counting their help- it’s very frustrating- worse than the phone booth! I paid to finish that one for a quest since I only needed one more person- but in this case I need EIGHT more and I’m not spending 80 cafe cash when the problem is THEIR system isn’t counting… *sigh*