Cafe World Trick or Treat Time

By | October 18, 2011

Cafe World Trick or Treat Time is almost here ! when you try open cafe world today, you will see this pop up first

keep cookin’ to prepare
i can see that amelia picture was used for halloween 2010 last year..

anyway some players on cafe world forum already found new dishes for upcoming halloween :
Breadstick Bones
Deviled Eyeballs
Marshmallow Witches
Pumpkin Lasagna
Vampire Blood Pudding

will these dishes be used on catering mission or halloween goals soon ?

Halloween is coming to Cafe World this week! Are you ready to make something frightfully delicious? Prepare to Trick or Treat your neighbors in this spooktacular event!

and if you look on the top of the picture, i think that will be our functional item for halloween 2011 ? either it’ll work as stove or for cooking spooky dishes 😛
fire cauldron with skeleton hand

UPDATE : find the walkthrough guide about halloween candy bowl and event in cafe world trick or treat candy

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