Cafe World Turkey Deep Fryer Goal

By | November 16, 2010

Cafe World Turkey Deep Fryer Goal ! the first cafe world thanksgiving goal in cafe world 🙂

goal turkey deep fryer

complete the turkey deep fryer to access the deep fried turkey recipe !

to complete this thanksgiving mission you will need to :
– Place the Deep Fryer
– Complete the Deep Fryer
– Get 10 fire extinguishers

eveything is better deep fried !

my tips :
you can get deep fryer from functional tab > environment
in order to complete deep fryer you need to ask material parts from your friend, you can ask them to send faster with cafe world turkey deep fryer links
ask cafe world fire extinguisher from your friends or you can unlock for 25 cafe cash

finish this quest to get rewards : 50000 coins + 2000 CP and you will unlock the next thanksgiving goals : cafe world test it out goal

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