Cafe World Utensils

By | November 1, 2010

Cafe World Utensils ! get utensils to complete cafe world collections 🙂


how to get utensils in cafe world ?
you can find different utensils with different game actions.. for example, cooking dishes will help you complete the kitchen navigation collection set

Complete collection sets faster by working together with your friends, send them items on their wishlist on cafe world

You can click the little items on each collections to add to your wish list and then post it, it currently won’t allow others to send items to you, all it does is revert to the “add neighbors” page


Trade in completed collections set to receive great rewards ! you can trade in multiple times to get more rewards

Kitchen Navigation = 250 cafe points, 250 coins
Stainless pots and pans = 3 x 6 Hour timers, 500 coins
Simple Dinnerware = Unlock Royal Feast, 500 coins
Simple pots and pans = 250 cafe points, 250 coins
Cutting for beginners = +5 energy points, 500 coins

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  • vgentry83

    The link wasn’t working! Not sure if it is now or not but Zynga said that they were working on it!

  • vgentry83

    When you click on the “Send Utensils” link it brings up the wrong link!

    This is the link to add neighbors!

  • Nicky

    Actually the link is correct. When you scroll down you see a list of all the people who are already your neighbors. Right next to their names are items they need to complete their collections. Once you click on the item it tells you that the item was sent to them.

    OR you could do this same action by looking at your neighbors while you play. When you hold the mouse over their name it shows you items they currently need. Click the item and it will ask you some information. I believe do you want them to know you sent it.

    Hope that helps.

  • Jade

    Nope, they actually bring you to gift page but utensil u can’t find in gift page. So I think the link may not be correct.

  • Chev

    I have done kitchen navigation a a million times and it still always shows up. It never moves on to stainless pots and a pans or anything like that. Can anyone tell me what the problem is, or am i suppose to do kitchen navigation a certain number of times?