Cafe World Valentines Day Goals

By | February 3, 2011

Cafe World Valentines Day Goals ! there are 8 part for valentines day 🙂 it’s about espresso joe and lisa latte

valentine’s day goals in cafe world

you will need to get a lot of roses in these cafe world valentine’s day quest >.< so it's time for 'begging' again and for the rewards you can unlock these recipes : - creme brulee - oyster shooter - sauteed turbot here are the list of cafe world valentine day's goals : Cafe World Valentine’s Day I
It’s the season of romance, and love is brewing for expresso joe and lisa latte. Make your cafe a courtship destination this holiday
– place the love thermometer
– spice 5 friends’ stoves
– cook 5 pita and dolmas (4 hours)
hint : complete the quests to see your love thermometer rise

Cafe World Valentine’s Day II
Your cafe needs a little more sprucing to set the mood. The French are known for passion, so fill the air with the rich aroma of french soup !
– get 2 roses
– cook 10 french onion soup (4 hours)
– purchase 1 flower machine
hint : ask your friends for a rose to help set the mood !

Cafe World Valentine’s Day III
Espresso Joe needs help if he’s going to win lisa latte’s heart. A special menu might work, with food famous for igniting the fires of love !
– visit 5 neighbors
– get 2 bag of oysters
– get 3 glasses
Rewards : cafe world oyster shooter
hint : don’t want to wait for ingredients ? you can unlock items fast with cafe cash !

Cafe World Valentine’s Day IV
While you cook up some delicious oyster shooters, show your neighbors some love by spicing their stoves !
– get 5 roses
– serve 10 oyster shooters
– spice 7 neighbors’ stoves
hint : return to your neighbors’ cafes daily to spice a new stove and to their daily special !

Cafe World Valentine’s Day V
Imagine the look on Joe and Lisa’s face when you hire a singer to serenade them during dinner. Ask for roses to help set the mood !
– get 11 roses
– purchase 3 cupid trumpeter statues
– spice 7 neighbors’ stoves
hint : you can buy valentine’s items in the ‘customize’ menu at the bottom of the screen. some decorations require coins, while others require cafe cash

Cafe World Valentine’s Day VI
You’ve thought of the perfect entree for joe and lisa’s date : a delicate sauteed turbot fillet. It’s time to collect some ingredients
– earn 20,000 coins
– get 3 tbsp of butter
– get 5 turbot fillets
Rewards : cafe world sauteed turbot
hint : you can ask anyone to send you ingredients, not just cafe friends

Cafe World Valentine’s Day VII
A crispy, creamy creme brullee will be the perfect dessert for joe and lisa’s date. Can you get it ready in time to surprise them ?
– earn 50,000 coins
– get 5 quarts of heavy cream
– get 10 large eggs
Rewards : cafe world creme brulee
hint : earn coins quickly by using your drink bar to serve beverages to your paying guests !

Cafe World Valentine’s Day VIII
The moment is here ! Serve the valentine’s feast you’ve prepared and maybe your mission as cupid will have a lovely finish !
– get 20 roses
– serve 2 creme brulee
– serve 2 sauteed turbot
hint : finish this mission to find out how espresso joe and lisa latte’s date went. did you succeed in playing matchmaker ?

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  • Sista Jue

    How long to cook
    Oyster Shooter
    Sauteed Turbot
    Creme Brulee

  • admin

    oyster – 1 hour
    sauteed – 6 hours
    creme – 20 hours


  • Kreds

    how to send roses to ppl

  • Mario

    i have visited 5 neighbors and i dont get the task done, what’s wrong?

  • Anna

    Mario–it has to be the first visit of the day. I had to wait a day since I had already visited my friends when I got the task.

  • funera1

    I’ve experienced this problem too. I’ve visited all the neighbors on my list at least 2 times a day, which is more than 5 I might add, and it still says 0/5.

  • ilove

    Btw its 2 creme brulee not 20 like it says here.

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  • Alex Federizo

    I’ve exhausted my Guest List but I still have other neighbors I haven’t asked yet. They don’t show up in the list. What gives?

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  • Jenny

    visit 5 friends doesn’t mean just go to their cafe. If you just spice, it doesn’t count. If you just do an eat mission, it doesn’t count. You have to both spice a stove and complete an eat mission at five different friends’ cafes.

  • cat

    ive completed all valentines and cupid goals but no finale!!!!! wat happend??

  • Penny

    Same here, I have no brulee after all that.

  • Jackie

    Can someone tell me how I can start the valentine day goals please?