Cafe World VIP Dinner

By | January 4, 2010

Cafe World VIP Dinner 🙂 VIP Mystery Dish now available on cafe world !
You can now cook the FREE and highly profitable V.I.P Dinner! Move fast, this great limited time opportunity is only here until January 7th!

V.I.P Dinner
Cost : 0
Servings : 99
Earns : 99 per serving – 9801 total serving
Ready in : 18 hours

I got this info from laughdonor :
Level: 4
Servings: 99 per dish
Coins per Serving: 99
Coins to Buy: 0 coins
Coins Earned: 9801 coins per stove
CP per Prep Round: 0 CP
Serving CP: 174 CP
Cooking Time: 18 hours
Spoil Time: Does Not Spoil

Prep Stage 1: Dice Fruit
Prep Stage 2: Mix Spices
Prep Stage 3: Chop Veggies
Cook Phase 1: Mixing Ingredients
Cook Phase 2: Cooking Main Course
Cook Phase 3: Preparing Dessert

and here’s the image for vip dinner, PeopleTookMyName got it when visiting neighbors cafe and the New VIP Dinner came as the dish to try out.

How many Cafe Points (CP) do you get from V.I.P Dinner ?
VIP Dinner Total CP = 174 CP

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  • lilian

    I would love to have v.i.p dinners for my cafe.

  • sandy hedrick

    I would love to recieve some free V.I.P dinners…I had the Cafe World as my friend on my friend list but dont know why its been deleted..I surley didnt delete it i dont know what happend

  • Wanda

    I would be happy to revceive free VIP dinners