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By | December 1, 2011

Get ready for glitz and glamor ! Complete your cafe world vip table to start serving vips!
vip table parts on cafe world

i think you already see the pop up to get premier access to vips and get free ‘Sydney Opera House’ vip amphitheater for cash ? this means vip goals will come soon 🙂 and there’s a new buidable items

you need to collect these materials to build vip table :
6 Expensive Tablecloth
6 Gilded Candle
8 Fancy Napkin
8 Polished Silver


use the gid links below to send part items faster for your friends :

Expensive Tablecloth link

Gilded Candle link

Fancy Napkin link

Polished Silver link

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  • Trina

    This is what I have for the VIP goals so far
    Red Cayenne Pepper=4864

    Paparazzi Invites =4865

    Velvet Ropes =4866

    Flash Bulbs =4867

    Taco Spices = 4868

    Flashy Diamonds = 4871

    Goal 1 Welcome

    PLACE VIP Table


    ASK 10 Red Cayenne Pepper

    Goal 2 Serving VIP’s

    COLLECT 8 Paparazzi Invites

    Collect 8 Velvet Ropes (feed Post)

    SERVE 8 Royal Feast

    Goal 3 Serve 1 VIP


    COLLECT 12 Flash Bulbs

    SERVE Fruit Punch 8 Times

    Scene 1, Taco 2 goal (this is to master goal 3 Serve VIP)

    COLLECT 8 Paparazzi Invite

    SERVE 30 Carmel Apples

    COllECT 10 Flashy Diamonds

    Goal 4 First Reward

    ASK 10 Taco Spice

    SERVE 40 Carmel Apples

    COllECT 10 Colby Cheese Blocks (feed Post)

    This is as far as I have gotten

    • admin

      wohoo thanks trina 🙂 i will add this on other post

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