Cafe World Viva La Mexico Goals

By | February 9, 2013

Lose yourself in mexico on vip quest : cafe world viva la mexico goals to win a 6x ultra stove !

you will start on part 3, here’s the explanation from zynga support :
” As part of our VIP Love we have set the tasks on the first 2 of 8 Steps in * of “Viva La Mexico” to 1 as requirement to help you complete the quest faster! ”

viva la mexico gid :
11985 luggage bags
11986 taxis
11987 passports
11988 credit cards
11989 taxis
11990 drama tickets
11991 spanish guitars
11992 carnival tickets
11993 carnival masks
11994 cameras
11995 sombreros
11996 dinner menus

You will be able to earn an exclusive Mexican 6x Ultra Stove for completing the quest as well as dishes throughout the quest. The quest will be available until February 16 2013 03:00:00 PST.