Cafe World Waiter Not Serving Food To Customer Solution

By | October 27, 2009

In cafe world did your waiter not serving food to some customers, even there’s a lot of dishes on the counters ?
Customers sitting at table and being ignored by the waiters? The waiter just stand there and do nothing !
And you’re wondering if the waiter lazy or stupid πŸ˜›

If you let a customer down, your buzz rating is going down (you can see Cafe World Buzz Rating Drop) and you’ll lose money πŸ™

So you must remember to allow the waiter to walk or reach a free side or corner of a customer table

Here’s some picture :
The customers can’t even sit for those 2 chairs, because there’s no way in to that chair. so the only one the waiters serves is the table with customers on the right. Try not to put chair’s with wall, with no spaces.

one table for 2 chairs won’t work, because waiters only give 1 food for 1 customer with that table.

Try not to put some tables in front of a counter, because in some cases the waiter won’t served the customers on that table.

When set some table facing each other you should make a space for the table, so the waiters can β€˜reach’ the table. This also a must even if you trapped your waiter / fast serving πŸ™‚

If you use the fast serving layout, sometimes the waiter won’t serving the food because the waiter so picky for some counters even though there’re many food in some counters.
To solve this you can do this :
rearrange your counters
– use all available waiters
– make sure all counters full with dishes

i hope this will help you all πŸ˜€
if you still have some problem you can post a picture, so i can see your layout πŸ™‚

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  • bee

    @A.S. : can you post a screenshot?

  • Cmon

    Hi, i think there is some other problems if i am not wrong. I had 2400 servings of Turkey plus 100 crab soup 100 ginger bread house to serve. but due to internet connection problem , i had to reload when i go in again all my food are gone. i did not mind as i can re cook and serve again. I rearrange the lay out of my cafe and use the fast serve method and find out that all the tables received the food for the once round however the subsequent round some customers are not being serve thus the drop in rating, i continue to observe that same table for a next few round, it got serve again . this is when i came to the conclusion that it might be the missing turkey the customer are waiting for that why not serving, i allow only 1 table and same thing happen something serve sometime not serve. So that might be another problem. Missing food after bad connection. my rating drop from 105 till 50

  • Cmon

    yah i forget to mention just wait for the time the turkey to be serve finish for e.g 2400 customers for my turkey. the next food being cook will be alright.

  • Manda

    I have tried everything ive seen here to get my waiters to work. fired and hired new, rearrange serving tables/dining tables. fill all serving tables with food, put it all in inventory and bring it back…
    Heres what I have now
    Any help would be great!

  • Manda

    I should mention, I have just upgraded my cafe, and rearranged it.

  • Rashmi

    Same issue as Manda, A.S
    Same table gets served once and doesn’t next time.
    Here are the layouts:
    Have tried Firing & Hiring new Waiter/Waitresses
    Have rearranged the counters multiple times to have only the counters with the food are accessible to the Servers
    Still some customers don’t get served and Buzz keeps dropping

  • Adri

    please help me! I want 1 more waiter, i’m on the 8 level. The position is available, but the friend (name) list don’t loading. I have more than 10 neighbour in here, and more than 100 friend on facebook. What can i do??:-(

  • ruby

    pls help help help!!! my chef dunno do what on there.. only standing there no walk no working??? Y? Y?

  • ruby

    y my chef only standing there n no working?? what can i do?? help help pls

  • Booty

    Hi all I have the same problem.
    Please can some one tell me what is wrong with cafe world?
    I have had the same lay out from the start so I know its not that, now I am near the end of the game My buzz is now down to 45 and it all ways stays at 105.
    My problem is that the waiters are simply standing, ignoring some of the customers in a table, despite the fact that moments ago they served a customer at the same table
    I have tried everything and still my buzz will not go back up.

  • a

    i used to have a 105 buzz ratig as well, til i got a bigger cafe. i noticed that my waiter’s don’t serve the black customers. i did all the things you said and still not working. when i edit the cafe and return, if there was a black customer, it may change to white, and then they are served. weird…ad racist

  • Adrian


    I really appreciate your help, but I tried everything and the waiter will still not serve every customer. Heres a picture of my layout:

    It would be great if someone could help me and tell me what’s wrong with my layout!


  • JSCoolen

    I have the same problem.

    I made a new layout, fired the waiters, put stuff back into my inventory.

    I only have 5.0 buzz left.
    This is the layout:

  • john

    Ok I fiqurged out what servers need to serve! Yes they need room to walk, but the key is acess to the tables. They can only serve from the front or directly from the side of one table only. for example it the x’s below were tables the first set isa bad set up because waiters can not serve from behind the table. the second set will always work.
    xxxxxxxx x x x x x x
    xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

  • jasmine

    I fired a waitress and then closed the game. now I don’t have a waitress. How can I rehire or hire a new waitress?

  • Emma

    my cafe world has been jammed for 3 days. I order food from the menu, $$$ gets spent, food cooks on sovetop, I come back a minute later and everything is gone! I have one stove with a step for cooking that won’t be updated. I already updated my Adobe player. What do I do? I’m ready to give up.

  • kathy

    i fired all of the waiters/waitresses to make a new layout, now i don’t have any waiter/waitress at all! please help me get back my waiters, pls. tried clicking the chef but all it gives me is the “change clothes, eyes,” etc. need to make money for my cafe, i’m losing my buzz rating… thanks!

  • Charlotte

    I’m at level 5, and I can’t even hire a single waiter? My neighbours are not showing their names and pictures too. Admin please help.

  • Eddie

    I just leveled to level 8 and wish to hire my second waiter but, when i click the hire waiter button the friends list never loads.

  • Caitie

    I’m at level 48 & my buzz has always been 105.0, i rearranged my cafe and now it is at 13.1. I have tried EVERYTHING and it will not rise. Please help me πŸ™‚

  • dodie

    Someone please help…I tried to change my waiters clothes and accidently hit fire and now I have no waiter, I emailed Zynga and I just got a form letter response which did not even tell me what to do. Does anyone know how to get my server back? I have no waiters and when I try to hire one there are none there to hire.
    Thanks in advance for anyhelp!

  • Marta

    Hi, me again… I also have 3 super stoves in FUNCTIONAL which are locked and I cannot retrive them. Any advise how to get them?
    Thank you x

  • Teto

    I have a tip if your buzz rating goes down. If you are going to bed (in real life) remove all the doors in your cafe so no one could come in and your buzz rating won’t go down. Then the next day when you’re playing again, put the door back