Cafe World Water 8x Ultra Stove Goals

By | March 13, 2013

Help buck bradshaw to build and add some burners to get new stoves in cafe world 8x ultra stove goals

it’s elementary ! get back to basic with buck bradshaw’s new water 8x stove !
feel the burn ! upgrade your water stove to cook 8 times as many dishes !
earn extra rewards ! finish buck’s extra goals to earn additional rewards !

water 8x 50% ultra stove
get the amazing water mega stove ready to start cooking with speed and power ! some assembly required

goal : water 8x stove
– ask for 6 water metal plates
– serve 50 random dishes
– ask for 5 water bolts

finish stage 10 of water stove shop to earn an ultra upgrade to the icicle 4x mega stove !!
parts to collect :
12656 water canister
12657 water multi tool
12658 water hammer
12659 water nuts and bolts
12660 water stove polish
12661 water scrub brush

water stove gid :
12662 water metal plates
12663 water bolts
12664 water circuits
12665 water display
12666 water gas pipes
12667 water control knobs
12668 water handles
12669 water drip pans
12670 water heating coils
12671 water burner rings
12672 water motors
12673 water thermostats
12674 water switches
12675 water wiring
12676 water hard drives
12677 water tubes
12678 water knobs
12679 water hot plates
12680 water spray paint
12681 water ultra cranks