Cafe World Water Stove Catering Order

By | March 14, 2013

Complete all cafe world water stove catering order with at least 7 stars to win freshwater shrimp wraps !

also earn these new dishes for each catering mission with 3 star rewards :
chilled blueberry
frozen smore cup
crispy skin ocean trout

water stove catering campaign :

water trade show catering order
serve wasabi peanuts 799 times
serve ginger butter prawns 699 times
serve zesty celery duck 599 times
collect 20 megaphones
collect 28 booths
collect 24 posters
reward : chilled blueberry recipe

water infomercial catering order
serve spinach pasta salad 699 times
serve vietnamese lettuce 799 times
serve double cheese melt 899 times
collect 20 steady cameras
collect 28 boom mikes
collect 24 tv scripts
reward : frozen smore cup recipe

water release party catering order
serve herbed halibut 699 times
serve homestyle pot roast 599 times
serve stuffed baby potatoes 799 times
collect 20 party lights
collect 28 party confetti
collect 24 party flyers
reward : crispy skin ocean trout recipe