Cafe World Wedding Cake Links

By | January 20, 2012

A new cafe world wedding cake 2012 for joe and lisa wedding reception goals is here ! keep love fresh !

complete and fill your wedding cake crew to keep your dishes fresh for an extra 2 hours !

you must collect these materials to finish :
10 frosting
10 cake toppers
10 eggs
10 espresso beans
complete the wedding cake and crew it with the band to keep your dishes fresh for an extra 2 hours

use the gid links for wedding cake parts to send each materials faster here :
fosting link

cake toppers link

eggs link

espresso beans link

here’s a full guide for wedding cake from zynga support page :
How many Wedding Cakes can I have?
You can only have one Wedding Cake.

Is the Wedding Cake eligible for Special Delivery?
No, the Wedding Cake is not eligible for Special Delivery?

How long will my charged Wedding Cake last?
A charged Wedding Cake will last for 7 days.

If the Wedding Cake is in my inventory, will it still be active?
No, your Wedding Cake must be sitting in your cafe if you wish to take advantage of its special power. If you’ve activated your Wedding Cake and placed it into your inventory, the timer will still count down.

What is the Wedding Cake’s special power?
A charged Wedding Cake will add an extra 2 hours to your spoil time for all of your dishes. In other words, it will keep your dishes fresh for an extra 2 hours!

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