Cafe World Wedding Daze Goals Tough Chef

By | October 17, 2012

Bridezilla Rampage ! Mandy’s caterers have quit in cafe world wedding daze goals ! are you chef enough to save here wedding ?

mandy, the town jeweler’s daughter is getting married ! the thought of hosting a thousand guests has turned her into a bridezilla !

finish this quest to earn some exciting rewards ! there are 10 parts to finish 😐 and all of them requires amount of number cook that random.


Tough Chef is here! Are you chef enough to make mandy’s dream wedding come alive ?

official guide :
What is the Tough Chef event in Café World ?
This is a quest that has not been seen before in Café World. Only the toughest Chefs will master it.

How long will the event be available ?
Tough Chef will be available until October 23rd, 05:47 am PST

Why is this event different from other events ?
To complete this event you will not have to ask your neighbors for help or post for parts. Show who the master of stoves is and cook up a storm.

What are the rewards for the Tough Chef event ?
Finish the entire Tough Chef event and to unlock the special décor item.

What will my rewards be for finishing Tough Chef ?
If you are among our touch Chefs and complete the event before the timer runs out you will unlock Floral Lampshade. You can afterwards purchase the Floral Lampshade for Coins in your marketplace. Complete more and more Tough Chef quests to get awesome rewards.


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