Cafe World Welcome To Winterfest Event

By | December 13, 2011

It’s that time of the year in Cafe World, the amazing Winterfest time of the year!
Cook dishes and share presents with your friends! Stop by your cafe today to enjoy this event!

Below, you’ll find some information about our Winterfest :

How many parts will there be ?
Our Winterfest event will come in 2 main parts.

What are the 12 Days of Winterfest ?
complete the winterfest goals to unlock all holiday dishes
The main window contain of 12 doors that represent each day quests where it contain 3 sets of goals for every day.
If you can complete all task before the count down timer end you can unlock the grand prize ! so finish all 12 days before the timer runs out to open the special prize door !

Where can I find out more information about the Winterfest Sweepstakes ?
Click here for more details about the Winterfest Sweepstakes.

on the lower part there are some buildable items and catering order:
automatic gift wrapper
complete the gift wrapper

Will I get a gift when I send a gift ?
If you send a gift to your friend, you will get one in return. If you have an upgraded gift wrapper and you have collected a lot of gifts, you’ll have a greater change of an awesome prize!

How can I upgrade my gift wrapper machine and why should I do it ?
You can upgrade your gift wrapper by completing the gift wrapper quests. You can upgrade your machine up to three times and with every upgrade, the greater the gifts!

What kinds of gifts can I get?
You’ll have an opportunity to win dishes, ingredients, decore and more!

gift table (open in 12 days)
you can see gifts and tickets in here

nut roaster (coming soon)

winterfest catering order :
toy drive
tree lightning

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  • Ting

    How do I use the GID?

  • Kelly Ong

    Why i click the “start” under the toy drive for the welcome winterfest goal and can’t get the catering for the “toy drive”?

    • admin

      yeah.. i also asked this to CS and they said it’s not available yet, it will released for this week though