Cafe World White Cravat Goals

By | January 13, 2011

Cafe World White Cravat Goals ! the last cravat that you can earned in cafe world 🙂

white cravat quest in cafe world

you will get a mail from matty :
I’m impressed. You’ve shown amazing cooking talent and you’ve earned your light blue cravat. I think a white cravat will look great on you, and that’s the color that cooking academy graduates wear. Keep cooking to earn it.

there are 3 goals for white cravat in cafe world :
fall registration
a royal test
final exam

here are the cafe world white cravat goals :

Cafe World Fall Registration Goal
cook 4 caramel apples
cook 10 pumpkin pies
earn 15,000 coins

Cafe World A Royal Test Goal
serve 12 beef wellingtons
find 3 royal collection items
collect 5 seals of approval
rewards : 1000 coins + 500 CP

Cafe World Final Exam Goal
finish royal collection
have 1 royal utensil holder
reward : cafe world cravat holder

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  • Kitty

    Where can I find my cravat holder? :S

  • peka

    Where is the cravat holder??

  • Lies

    go to Decor in Cafe world and then click on Windows, weird place but there it is 🙂

  • MemphisBelle

    @Lies: Thanks for posting where the cravat holder was located. I think the reason for it being under “windows” is because it goes on the wall. That’s where the diploma was, too! 🙂

  • stephanie

    ive received my light blue cravat, then it says a white one would look good on me keep cooking to earn it, but keep cooking what what are the goals

  • Nat

    How do we finish the Royal Collection? Do we need 5 of everything and then Trade it in??

  • d3l

    my seal of approval count keeps resetting. i should have over ten by now, but it shows “2/5”. any ideas?

  • if

    i found all item but it doesnt work how do we finish it? i have all items 4 or 5…and i need articoke dip for catering goals? how can i unlock it?

  • Susan Milch

    How many of each item do we need for the Royal Collection?