Cafe World Wholesale Dale

By | August 30, 2010

Cafe World Wholesale Dale ! have you finished your catering truck for catering business on cafe world ?
because the first catering order is open 🙂

wholesale dale on cafe world

go inside your catering truck : complete orders to earn rewards and unlock more orders

Your first customer is Wholesale Dale. You will have the opportunity to fill Wholesale Dale’s big catering order!

hi there ! i’m wholesale dale and i’d be happy to take any extra servings you have

you’ve earned the recognition of wholesale dale and are able to sell directly to him through your catering business !
you must sell for the dish amount of the achivement (145152)

Wholesale Dale would like to buy some servings of food from you!
to sell some or all of your servings, simply click on a full counter and click on the ‘SELL’ button

If you have full counters and want to make some quick money, you can sell your dishes to Dale!
– Click on a counter
– Now you’ll see the choices: Keep, Delete, Sell to Dale!

– When you click on “Sell to Dale!” you will be able to choose the amount of servings you would like to sell!

After you complete the sale, you will receive an invoice from Wholesale Dale, showing your earnings!

wholesale dale reward : +cafe points

Wholesale Dale Tips :
– Click on a full counter to sell dishes to dale. You get coins instantly !
– You can use dishes in gift to put on the counter and sell it to dale
– You can still continue to sell your dishes to Dale for instant profit when you finished

Dale wants a large amount of servings, so you’ll be able to sell dishes from many counters. With your new Catering Business you’ll receive coins and Café Points quickly.
You’ll free up counter space for new dishes. You’ll even master your dishes and level up faster! Your Catering Business will continue to grow and expand regularly!

Congratulations !
Dale and his customers are extremely happy with your dishes. Keep your eyes and ears open. Your next order is just around the corner !

update : after you finished wholesale dale catering order you can unlock 2nd order : cafe world birthday party

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  • Dennis

    Any information on getting steam plates and pans for the catering business chain?

  • marcia

    Not sure if this has changed now or not but I am not able to sell items back to Dale from my counters

    Do you all have any suggestions or comments? has this changed?

    Thank you for your time