Cafe World Yellow Onions

By | February 1, 2011

Cafe World Yellow Onions ! you will need to unlock this ingredient to complete salad bar IV goal

salad bar yellow onions in cafe world

the yellow onions is part of salad bar basic ingredients 1 and to unlock yellow onion requirements :
– serve spitfire roasted chicken 2 times
– serve 10 cup of cup o’joe
– get 10 onions

to get onions you can click ask for it button to send request for your friend so they can help you, or unlock it with 12 cafe cash

or you can use these cafe world yellow onions links to get onion faster:

special thx to di for this link 😀

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  • takeru

    hi,here is one question.
    what is cup o joe?
    its not seem to be in my cookbook.

    thank you.

    • admin

      find it in the cofee menu, not cookbook 🙂

  • takeru

    thank you, admin!!
    but i cant find the coffee menu.
    where can i find it?

    thank you.

  • Mae

    what and where is the coffee menu?

  • chrisbryne

    you buy the coffe machine open follow directions and eventually you’ll notice the coffee book there whenever you click on the coffee machine

  • karen

    but where do you buy it from? looked in the equipment side of things can’t work it out either