Call Friends From Cafe World Red Phone Booth For Travel Buddies

By | September 24, 2011

On phone a friend goals you need to call friends from cafe world red phone booth for travel buddies

with these travel buddies you can unlock double travel passes ! but there’s already a problem with this feature.. that they put in the booth to call are people who no longer play 🙁

Hiya Chef! The new Red Phone Booth is just to help you connect with old friends! You can continue to win awesome prizes in the 2-Year Anniversary festivities

to call friends you only need to click post message and spammed a bunch of non players, sometimes it requires some permission to post on their wall
after calling, you can call them back in some hours to post again

many of the friends on the list are no longer playing and do we have to unlock each call with 10 cafe cash ?

a lot of players already complaining about this in the forum

and i hope the moderator can tell the developer for some changes >.< here’s the post on your friends wall

if they respond by clicking ‘claim reward’ they will receive some rewards

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