Can You Escape Cheats

By | June 17, 2013

Find your way out on this MobiGrow game easily with can you escape cheats for level 1 so you know which puzzle to solve and how to complete them in no time !
The small table on the left is missing a handle, find it to get a tool to open the wooden bars that blocking then safe vault

how to solve can you escape level 1 answer :
click the box on right and complete the puzzle horse to open this box
get a drawer handle inside

place the drawer handle to the table and open it
get the yellow and black screwdriver


use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws
there are 4 zero digital numbers that you must enter in order to open the vault

look on the painting picture above the safe
you can see 1915 on the bottom right
click the safe and enter the numbers

take the yellow key and place it on the keyhole right to the lift

proceed to the next can you escape level 2

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