Can You Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

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Find 2 circles for the key, there are 2 main tools that you must get in order to open the puzle box. If you need help solving them we can help you with can you escape level 10 walkthrough to find all the answers for the
the first circle is located on left wall for colors, and the second is under the right table

how to solve can you escape level 10 answer :
open the box for the drill tool, get the drill on the right glass
look on the x mark of the left wall
use the drill to make a hole and see the color of :
blue blue yellow yellow green green

look at the bottom left on left wall
change the color like the hole and get a circle


get a pencil on right vase, and get a paper under the left ladder
open the vent on top
put the paper on the bottom then use pencil on top
so the key drop down

use the key to get a binoculars
look on the right window bars to see 3 numbers using binoculars

tap under the right table and input the number
get another circle

put both circles on left wall to the elevator

proceed to the next can you escape level 11

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