Can You Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

By | June 18, 2013

On this stage the green vase there’s a key that you can get, but the faucet is missing the knob ? search for the knob inside the long wooden case on the floor, we will show you how in can you escape level 2 walkthrough !
a room escape game by mobigrow game

how to solve can you escape level 2 answer :
tap the card deck on table until you see 3 numbers on the back side : 493

click the wooden case on floor and change the number into 493, the pipe is gone but there’s a white + shape
it’s the knob for the faucet ! take it

click the faucet and place the knob, now press it so the water will fill up the green vase
get the key that float up


open the pink cabinet on the right using this key
get a keycard on the bottom side

use the keycard to the slot on left to the elevator

proceed to the next can you escape level 3

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