Can You Escape Level 4 Walkthrough

By | June 18, 2013

On the floor you can see a silver hatch, you need a tool to open it.. but wait there’s more 😛 the key is inside but it’s to deep to reach, so you need to make a tool to get it. With can you escape level 4 walkthrough you will find how to solve the puzzle and get the correct tools to combine for all the puzzle 😀
a room escape game by mobigrow game it’s entertaining and fun to challenge your brain 😀

how to solve can you escape level 4 answer :
look at the bottle on right wall, remember the color : blue red yellow green
tap on the fridge on left and use 4 buttons to change the color like the bottles
get a corkscrew inside

look under the blue pot, you can get a knife inside the floor hatch using corkscrew
use the knife to cut the cardboard box open and get a flashlight

click the round table on the right, tap on the chair to pull it out
take the battery


combine the battery to the flashlight
tap the window curtain, cut on the wood handle with knife

tap on the floor hatch in the middle
use corkscrew to open it, it’s dark so use the flashlight
now you can see the key, but to reach it you must use the wood handle

use the key on the right keyhole so the lift open

proceed to the next can you escape level 5

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