Can You Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

By | June 19, 2013

To open the door you must search for 3 items : numbers and 2 keys, you can find all of them easily with can you escape level 5 walkthrough ! quick tips for the numbers you can find them on dartboard 😛
for the keys :
gold key is on the bird mouth
the silver key is located inside the box bicycle
solve the puzzle to get these keys !

how to solve can you escape level 5 cheat :
find 2 eyeballs from the room with bed : brown and blue
back to lift room and open the cabinet using the eyeballs
take the bird food inside

click the bird cage and use the bird food to feed it
the key will drop, take the gold key


go to bedroom
look on the lamp color : red green black white

back to the lift
go to the cabinet under the dart and open with the lamp color
get a pencil inside

back to the bedroom
click the paper on the table, swipe with the pencil to see a chart bar
remember the height of the 6 bars
click the box near the bike
change the bars height by pressing them : 2x 1x 0 2x 1x 2x
get the silver key

click the silver panel on the right
put in both key and the numbers will turn on
find the numbers for the color of green red blue from the dart board :
8-4-5 now add with 129
change the bottom into 974 go back and the elevator door now open

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